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HOLLYWOOD, CA / June 15, 2015 --
​Blaze Starr passes away at 83.

Lolita Davidovich was a 27-year-old actress with no major film credits to her name when she was chosen to play Blaze Starr. Getting your first starring role must be intimidating enough, but for Davidovich, the real intimidation came from being asked to play a force of nature like the West Virginia-born Starr – and knowing the real thing was going to be onhand for much of the filming. 

Intimidating, that was, until she met Starr, who couldn’t have been nicer or more encouraging.

“She didn’t know me as an actress, because I was an unknown. That could have been daunting,” Davidovich, 53, said over the phone from New York last week. “But she never revealed any concern or doubt or anything. She was nothing but supportive and embracing.”

Starr, a first-class burlesque queen and icon of Baltimore’s Block whose late-‘50s affair with Louisiana Gov. Earl Long was made into the 1989 movie “Blaze,” died June 15 at her home in rural Wilsondale, W.Va. She was 83, and had been suffering from heart ailments for several years, according to her family.

​Davidovich, at times fighting back tears, said she was “heartbroken” to hear of Starr’s death. Regrettably, she said, the two women had not stayed in touch over the years. But her memories of making “Blaze” – memories that included visits to Starr’s Carroll County home with the movie’s writer-director (and Davidovich’s future husband) Ron Shelton - remain strong.

“Here’s an unknown that’s going to play you, your love story, your time when you were doing an art form that doesn’t exist in that way today,” the actress said. “She could have come in with her ego, but she was the antithesis. She couldn’t have been more modest, deferring to the other actresses.”

It was impossible to avoid being impressed by Starr, Davidovich said, given both the life she lived – burlesque queen, sexual icon, nightclub owner, a staple of the scandal sheets for decades – and the candor with which she embraced it.

“She was so groundbreaking,” Davidovich said. “Her approach, how business-minded she was, how tough she was. To have real estate, and your neighbors are mobsters – how tough can you get?”

And yet, Davidovich said, “It didn’t seem to stain her psyche. She wasn’t coming from some sort of agression. [Her attitude] wasn’t coming from anything negative. It was really celebratory.”

Starr was in her mid-50s when “Blaze” was being made. Retired from stripping since the early '80s, she was selling her hand-made jewelry in a Carroll County mall. But she still had a firm sense of style, Davidovich said. 

“Women aging is always very fascinating, especially if you’ve been in the limelight related to beauty and sexuality,” she said. “Blaze Starr is still one of the most exemplary figures for a woman in aging gracefully. She was maintaining and aging gracefully and beautifully, and had her style. Even though times change and styles change, she had her style and she kept it.”

With a laugh, Davidovich recalled Starr bringing some of her hand-sewn costumes to the “Blaze” set. “They must have taken weeks to design and sew. They were hand-done, with the beading and the sequins. They must have weighed about 40 pounds apiece.”

Although the movie had its own costumer, Starr thought maybe the young actress would like to try working in some genuine burlesque outfits. “That was how sweet she was,” she recalled. But with the hot movie lights staring down at her, Davidovich had to beg off.

“'I would love to wear the originals,'” she remembered telling Starr, “'but I can’t and work 14-hour days.’”

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Watch for Lolita on ABC's "Blood & Oil" starring Don Johnson! Catch episodes on ABC's site!

ABC’s high-stakes Blood & Oil has added Lolita Davidovich to the cast in the role of Annie Briggs, who will pump up trouble when she arrives in Rock Springs. She’s the ex-wife of oil tycoon Hap Briggs (Don Johnson) and is essentially the female version of her sometimes devilish, sometimes charming ex-husband.

Annie is described as cunning and charismatic, a woman “who has enthralled royalty and decimated boardrooms” and whose attraction to her ex-husband clashes with her desire to bring him down. (Plus, there’s absolutely no way Annie won’t butt heads with Hap’s current wife, Carla.)

Announced May 2017:

September 29, 2015

An exclusive art auction featuring extraordinary chairs and fine artwork from top designers, celebrities, artists, and tastemakers took place in Los Angeles last week. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Los Angeles LBGT Center’s work with youth experiencing homelessness. 

Highlights of the evening, held at the The Washbow on Thursday, included 
• A glowing and pregnant Sara Foster attended the charity auction along with her sister and fellow Barely Famous star Erin Foster.
• Sara Rue arrived with fellow Impastor co-star and charity advocate Mircea Monroe.
• Justified’s Jonathan Tucker attended alongside his wife Tara Ahamed Tucker. 
• True Detective star Lolita Davidovich brought daughter, Valentina along and the family won two velvet chairs by Jeff Hitchcock, a directors chair from Big Bang Theory as well as a hidden set of first class Delta Airlines tickets.
• Additional celeb attendees and winners include Mimi Rogers (NCIS) who bid on the custom tufted ottoman by Jeff Hitchcock and Dominique Vorillan “Cuba” Photograph as well as Cedar Cove and Magic Mike XXL star Andi MacDowell who won the Thanet Rocking Chair and Diane Arlovs “Mae West”.

HOLLYWOOD, CA / March 2015 -- 

Lolita Davidovich and David Clennon (Gone Girl) have joined the cast of Katie Jacobs and Nick Wechsler’s independently produced medical drama pilot Dr. Del, inspired by Peter Hessler’s New Yorker piece “Dr. Don.”

Written by John Sayles and directed by Jacobs, Dr. Del follows Del Canyon (John Hawkes) as he reluctantly returns to his small hometown of Isotope to run his family’s apothecary, the only source for medical attention for hundreds of miles. There, he emerges as the town healer while he grapples between his desire to distance himself from a painful past and his inability to turn his back on a community struggling to find its place in contemporary America. Davidovich plays Dawn Doggerty, the troubled wife of Mayor Tanner Doggerty (Ted Levine), who has harbored a long-standing secret affection for Del (Hawkes). Clennon plays Mr. Stone, a mysterious and ailing outsider who has relocated to the outskirts of Isotope. Also cast in the pilot is child actor Charlie Shotwell as Stinger Roper, Del’s precocious grandson. They also join previously cast Chloe Sevigny, Leven Rambin, Don Harvey and Nathan Keyes.

Lolita Davidovich

Lolita Davidovich has sealed a deal to join Middle Child Films/Farpoint Films’ indie drama Sorry for Your Loss, from first-time director Collin Friesen. She co-stars opposite Bruce Greenwood, Justin Bartha and Inbar Lavi in the pic about Ken (Bartha), a new dad who returns home to bury his estranged father whose final wish is to have his ashes scattered on the field of his beloved football team. Davidovich will play Eve, Ken’s mother. Tony Wosk and Kyle Bornais are producing the pic, which is filming in Winnipeg. Jeff Sackman and Berry Meyerowitz are exec producing. Repped by Zero Gravity Management, Davidovich’s recent credits includeThe Longest Ride, True Detective and Shades Of Blue.


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